Goals & Gratitude

It’s been about three months since I packed up my things and moved across the world to Israel. Things can be disorienting, strange, and uncomfortable when you move to a new country regardless of how much you prepare yourself mentally. There have been challenges that I anticipated (sharing a room, lack of certain creature comforts, homesickness) and those that were unexpected (how much the language barrier would impact me and cultural differences between schools in the U.S. and Israel). But even with these challenges, there is a strong feeling of appreciation for the people and things in my life here that make me feel at home or provide comfort, distraction, or happiness that is unlike anything I have experienced. Below are some of those things. … More Goals & Gratitude

Parsha Vayishlach

This week’s parsha post was written by Amy Weiss, Director of Service-Learning Initiatives, at the University of Maryland Hillel.  In Parsha Vayishlach, Jacob is struggling with the impending reunion with his brother Esau.  While preparing for this encounter, Jacob engages in a wrestling match with a ‘man.’ This man has been interpreted by commentators to represent many … More Parsha Vayishlach

Reflections on Service-Learning, Greater Philadelphia Hillel in Netivot

In June, 2013, 15 college students from Hillel of Greater Philadelphia came to Netivot on an alternative break program with Yahel. They came to volunteer and learn together with Israelis in the community. The students stayed with families in Netivot and volunteered with several different local organizations. Below, Kelilah Miller, one of the staff members, shares her … More Reflections on Service-Learning, Greater Philadelphia Hillel in Netivot