Parshat Vayakhel

This week’s parsha post was written by Dori Robinson, Assistant Director for Programming at UMass Hillel. Yahel partnered with UMass this year to run a service-learning program with the Druze community in Maghar.  In this week’s parsha, Moses reiterates to the people the commandment of keeping Shabbat. Also, we continue to learn about the building … More Parshat Vayakhel

Parsha Post: Ki Tavo

This week’s parsha post was written by former Yahel participant and Yahel intern Laurie Hunt.  In this week’s parsha, we learn about giving a tithe–or a portion of our fruits–to the poor. We read, “When you have finished tithing all the tithes of your produce in the third year, the year of the tithe, you shall give … More Parsha Post: Ki Tavo