A New Kind of Family

This post was written by Dana Larsen. Dana was a participant on this summer’s Yahel Repair the World Onward Israel Service-learning Initiative in Be’er Sheva. As the New Year approaches, I reminded of how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to live and engage in service learning in such an incredible place, surrounded by remarkable people. For six weeks … More A New Kind of Family

Bringing it Home

This blog post was written by Hannah Roberts. Hannah was a participant in the Yahel Repair the World Onward Israel Service Learning Initiative. Hannah volunteered at a women’s shelter in Be’er Sheva. Part of Yahel’s Repair the World Onward Israel Service Learning Initiative is to bring our experiences in Israel back to our college campuses; for me the University … More Bringing it Home

How Do We Say Goodbye?

Today’s blog was written by Miriam Aniel, a participant in the Yahel Repair the World Onward Israel Service Learning Initiative in Israel. Miriam volunteered at a women’s shelter in Be’er Sheva for six weeks this summer. Kids fight and make up. Kids stab each other with their words, then join each other for pretend-tea-time. Kids scream and fidget, hug … More How Do We Say Goodbye?

Go, Yahelnikim. Go!

When you blow by your fundraising goal in less than 48 hours, some tough questions come up. Questions like: what do you do with the funds raised beyond the target. Who determines the priority of needs, and how do you involve the community in your success? Tough questions, for sure, but one the Yahelnikim are … More Go, Yahelnikim. Go!