The Faces I See: The Children of El Razi Elementary School

My focus here is on the fact that this school, like any other situation or place or any general aspect of life, is a container for a group of kids and teachers who are comprised of far more than meets the eye. The difference for me is that I’m starting to get to know them intimately. And I’m starting, even, to get to know the surrounding community, whose many factors are starting to inform the stories inside the school walls. I’m fascinated and inspired and shocked and deeply saddened by what I’ve heard so far, for the past and the present and the future, and I feel as though I’m sitting on the tipping point of action. Ready to do something but staying myself patiently because I know I need to be better informed, if at all. … More The Faces I See: The Children of El Razi Elementary School

Finding My Place in the Tabenkin School

Now I have been working at Tabenkin for over a month. I have worked at many summer camps, but I have never felt this kind of connection with any kids I have worked with before. My hebrew has improved, I have bonded with the other counselors, and my time spent with the kids continues to be the highlight of my day. When I go home for the weekend I miss the class. When I am with them I feel like I belong. There is nothing I would rather do with my day than spend it at Tabenkin school. In all honesty I have contemplated not coming back to the USA, and instead continuing to work with these kids for the year. I know that this is not realistic, but I can’t imagine being happier doing anything else. … More Finding My Place in the Tabenkin School


Welcome to the launch my of new coexistence project!!! Today’s topic: pluralism (it’s rad). Despite being a Jewish state, Israel is a bastion of religious and ethnic diversity; this week, I was lucky to get to know some of Israel’s minority groups a bit more intimately.


Pluralism is familiar to most Americans. The United States is an incredible amalgamation of different races, religions, ethnicities, and identities—call it a melting pot, a mosaic, but either way we can be proud of our diverse nation. And, because of the rights decreed by the 1st amendment, various identities live amongst one another with the freedom to express their differences and share their similarities. Even within certain religions, Americans enjoy a wide variety of pluralistic expression; for example, American Jews can belong to one of several religious camps including Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox, and Reconstructionist. … More PluRADlism

A Day in the Life: A Brief Journey Through The Day of a Yahelnik

Today’s participant blog post comes from Larry Gersz, a participant of the Yahel Social Change Program. This group is living, learning and volunteering in the Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood of Rishon LeZion for 9 months this year. A Day in the Life: A Brief Journey Through The Day of a Yahelnik             Our … More A Day in the Life: A Brief Journey Through The Day of a Yahelnik