Speak in Hebrew!

The 12 year-old girl I tutor through Yahel at the Learning Center in the Matnas (the local JCC) has made my accent her personal mission for the year. At the end of our English sessions, she picks out Hebrew children’s books and has me read to her, laughing at my weak “lamed” (ל) or American-ized “shin” (ש). Although according to her, my accent level is that of a preschooler (based on her choice of books about teddy bears and zoo animals), she is patient with me as I grant her the same patience with her proununciation of English words. By trading positions in the learning dynamic, she is able to gain skills as the teacher and I can truly understand what it is like to be the student struggling with a new, foreign language. … More Speak in Hebrew!

Following Sidewalks: A Morning Walk Through Ramat Eliyahu

I have walked around Ramat Eliyahu countless times, but when I consider the best way to describe what it is like to walk through the neighborhood to someone who hasn’t observed this place, to help him or her envisage it, I find it difficult. I decided to take an early morning walk, when many in the neighborhood hadn’t quite left their homes, to photograph Ramat Eliyahu in an effort to portray what comes to mind when I think of this neighborhood as a built environment. … More Following Sidewalks: A Morning Walk Through Ramat Eliyahu