Welcome to the launch my of new coexistence project!!! Today’s topic: pluralism (it’s rad). Despite being a Jewish state, Israel is a bastion of religious and ethnic diversity; this week, I was lucky to get to know some of Israel’s minority groups a bit more intimately.


Pluralism is familiar to most Americans. The United States is an incredible amalgamation of different races, religions, ethnicities, and identities—call it a melting pot, a mosaic, but either way we can be proud of our diverse nation. And, because of the rights decreed by the 1st amendment, various identities live amongst one another with the freedom to express their differences and share their similarities. Even within certain religions, Americans enjoy a wide variety of pluralistic expression; for example, American Jews can belong to one of several religious camps including Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox, and Reconstructionist. … More PluRADlism

Community: A Feeling of Fellowship

Today’s participant blog post comes from Eliza Baskin, a participant of the Yahel Social Change Program. This group is living, learning and volunteering in the Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood of Rishon LeZion for 9 months this year. Eliza’s post comes after a 5-day seminar in the North of Israel, opening the program’s segment on Community.  This past week, … More Community: A Feeling of Fellowship

Understanding Community in the North

This week’s participant blog post comes from Hannah Stonebraker.  Check in every week to see perspectives from all of this year’s participants on the Yahel Social Change Program! When I was younger, I made semi-serious jokes about my future life in a feminist, vegetarian, nudist commune. I learned this weekend however, that perhaps, that type … More Understanding Community in the North


This post was written by Ariella Hoffman-Peterson. Ariella is a participant from the Yahel Repair the World Onward Israel Service Learning Initiative in Be’er Sheva. We think a lot on this program about sustainability in the world of social change. In our context, it means not only working on fixing issues with what we call  “band aid” solutions, but looking … More Sideways

Direction– A Poem / Benson Ansell, Yahel Social Change Program Participant

Direction   So Yahel has traveled North, Guided on our journey forth, Inspecting, reflecting upon our worth, Our common unity, of course, We say community for short, Our time in Gedera was cut short, By rockets fired like a torch, I saw them flying from the porch, Our unit spread out like a fork, Then … More Direction– A Poem / Benson Ansell, Yahel Social Change Program Participant

Program Update: Camp Tawonga Teen Service Learning / by: Aaron Mandel, Camp Tawonga

Aaron Mandel, Assistant Director of Teen Programs for Camp Tawonga, wrote a trip update on the first few days of the Teen Service Learning trip with Yahel in Israel.  TSL Families, The group has now been in Israel for over three full days and things are off to a great start!  Upon arrival in the … More Program Update: Camp Tawonga Teen Service Learning / by: Aaron Mandel, Camp Tawonga