My Yahel Moment #47

This summer, 50 volunteers participated in Yahel Insight programs. Each one will share their “Yahel Moment” on Yahel’s Facebook Page. To follow their moments, please Like us on Facebook. This moment was submitted by Hannah Roberts.

Hannah Roberts my Yahel Moment Israel
Be’er Sheva Volunteers at the Women’s Shelter
My Yahel Moment #47:


“Today was our last day volunteering at the women’s shelter. We began the day by meeting with the CEO of the foundation the shelter is a part of. Each volunteer explained to the CEO his/her role at the shelter and we presented him with our curriculums we used this summer and lists and explanations of the activities we planned for the children.

We continued with our normal volunteering and in the afternoon we had a celebration for our departure. The children went around in a circle and gave us blessings for the future. One little boy told us that he wishes for us to have balloons and lots of dogs. Other children gave us more serious wishes of health and happiness. It was an incredible experience to volunteer at the shelter and today was special, yet emotional.

When we left the shelter the children gave us more hugs than we could have ever expected. It made us feel proud of the fact that even if we didn’t create extreme change, we had a valuable presence in the shelter.”

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