Direction– A Poem / Benson Ansell, Yahel Social Change Program Participant



So Yahel has traveled North,

Guided on our journey forth,

Inspecting, reflecting upon our worth,

Our common unity, of course,

We say community for short,

Our time in Gedera was cut short,

By rockets fired like a torch,

I saw them flying from the porch,

Our unit spread out like a fork,

Then came together in the North,


A sigh of relief, now everything’s fine,

Inhale, exhale, now it’s time to dine,

Dancing and singing with no drop of wine,

We’re singing to Sade, in tune with her line,

‘Smooth Operator’, we forget the Operation,

Climb on the bus, we rise to our destination,

There’s water, there’s mountains, pure elevation,

The beauty surrounds me and captures my concentration,

We begin to explore, the diversity of this nation,

I chase him, then pass him, Dave from the basement,

“I’m free, I can be!”, I exclaim in amazement,

We’re physical and loud, some may call us the cavemen,

They just couldn’t feel, the nature of our placement,

But I feel it in the air, a Phil Collins transformation,

This life isn’t static, it takes dynamic creation,

Much love for humanity, and pride in your nation,

Everything that I knew, was a deep under-estimation,

The new people I met, helped spark this realization,


Like brother Ali, from the Druze community,

Living in a Jewish state, with a Muslim minority,

But the Druze you see, don’t believe in conformity,

They choose to uphold, their strong religious identity,

Infused with the love, of being Israeli,

Infused with the love, of one GOD above,

If you feel this love, then no one will judge,

Your religious practice, because they know what the fact is,

Our soul is eternal, our life’s essence is spiritual,

Our body is earthly, a transporter, a vehicle,

That moves us on Earth, our mother, our miracle,

But life isn’t easy, there’s hard work to be done,

Let’s start with the basics, let’s go to square one,

The Great Spirit, GOD, the love that binds us together,

That’s present, and guides us, in all our endeavors,

This love that abounds, can in no way be measured,

A woman, a man, create a child, their treasure,

Their love is a unit, and creates unity,

Shared love is the essence, of true community,

To rise in the morning, each day pave the way,

To aspire to live, in the most positive way,


Like our tour-guide and orator, by the name of Jeremy,

Whose stories and knowledge, brought us great clarity,

To the founding of Israel, our shared Jewish memory,

The land’s Jewish pioneers, came to live collectively,

Their socialistic principles, were realized on the Kibbutz,

Jewish hands, working Jewish land, is all that it took,

But things weren’t as easy, as from afar they had looked,

And today, many say, that kibbutz is kaput,

But there’s a new generation, that is far from complacent,

Who see the founding vision, and keep it adjacent,

To their hearts, to their souls, embody cooperation,

The urban kibbutz, is now in operation,

And they see there’s a nation, that is full of abrasion,

Animosity and intense segregation,

Between Arabs and Jews, there’s little communication,

Let us increase our compassion, and start healing this nation,


So let’s let it be known, that us Yahelnikim,

Are not sitting complacent, we have started to dream,

We have started a team, that likes it straight with no cream,

When you’re hiding the truth, we turn on the high beams,

And since we’re all in the struggle, we help one another,

Never look down upon your sister or brother,

And since we share the same mother, we’re all sisters and brothers,

We all become better, when we learn from each other,


Are you under the covers? Do you judge behind shutters?

We all become better when we learn from each other.




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